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Greetings to everybody subscribed to our bulletin!

Saluti a tutti gli iscritti al nostro bollettino! eccovi una lista di aggiornamenti in inglese:


dyne:bolic 1.0 alpha 5

Surf, stream, record, edit and play both sound and video! all just in one bootable CD, without any installation you get a cool GNU/Linux system full of multimedia applications - FREE as in LOVE ;) dyne:bolic packs a wide range of applications divided by task, it works even if you have winblows installed (it just runs from the CD!) and now the ALPHA 5 release is the FIRST BOOTABLE CD which also works on modded XBOX GAME CONSOLES

more informations and the ISO free download: http://dynebolic.org

list of included applications: http://dynebolic.org/manual-in-development

italian press release: http://dynebolic.org/press/ita-14may2003.txt

dyne.org performances

TUBOCATODICO http://tubocatodico.dyne.org continues to interfere with the main tube infofeed see the new KAOSTOUR stageshots and the video trailer from ESC.mur.at performance, all freely downloadable from the website! call us to exorcize your evil houseold - we are on tour to free catodic souls!

PANE - radical improvisation by jaromil & dindon - 18mins uncutted video (69Mbytes) on http://cyclope.montevideo.nl/~jaromil/pane.avi see http://cyclope.montevideo.nl/~jaromil/pane.txt released under CreativeCommons license, tastes good with some good freejaying!

FUGBACH http://fugbach.dyne.org - live act moving the focus of visual effects out of the screen, placed between spectators and performers - perception and form - generative litterature and chaos.

MITOCONDRI http://mitocondri.dyne.org - 10 elements jazz band sweeping in the domain of radical improvisation from sound to video, breathing with the lumbs of empathy, based in Bologna Italy!

MuSE Streamer 0.8.1

MuSE Streamer provides the free software community with a user friendly but powerful tool for network audio streaming, making life easier for indypendent free speech online radios.

MuSE is now available in GNU/Linux distributions as Debian and Gentoo, BSD distributions like FreeBSD and NetBSD + available packages are also on the webpage http://muse.dyne.org

An italian article about MuSE, also published in the book Media Activism (DeriveApprodi), is freely redistributable under the GNU Free Documentation License, available online on http://muse.dyne.org/muse-deriveapprodi.html

FreeJ.org free the veejay

Online the new website http://freej.org with informations and discussions for the freejaying scene! do it with free software and free spirit - fluid emotions thru your pixels - now with new effects! it can mix movies images and captured live video with multiple effect chains on each - now also in debian with apt-get install freej

Upcoming events

Thanks !

Thanks go to who recently supported us! Tenovis Business communications supporting dyne:bolic 1.0 development, Servus.at which lets us existing online since three years running on great bandwidth, cjm of enemy.org, sikurezza.org and a couple of anonymous donors for helping us renewing our server's harddisk, MAMA institute Zagreb for its ospitality opening the possibility for a promising collaboration, PUBLIC VOICE Lab, Ljudmila medialab Ljubljana, Montevideo Amsterdam, Henry S. Warren Jr, the OSSA network, Stefano "NeURo" Chiccarelli, autistici.org / inventati.org, radio Ondarossa 87.9FM Roma, CandidaTV Roma, Temple / Parnumantee Tallinn, LeTecniche Roma, ESC.mur.at Graz, Neural.it, Malasystem Milano, all the people spreading around dyne:bolic copies in many different ways!

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