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The kernel is awesome, even in “live” mode, and while the software selection is perhaps a bit thin everything that I could try worked “as advertised” without a single crash, lockup or error message. Included documentation is quite good and what guidance there is is well thought out and works well. Fun for anyone looking for a quick and easy yet powerful multimedia production enviroment with plenty to explore and learn if you want to delve deeper. The ability to rebuild the “live CD” customized to your own desires (to an extent anyway) looks very good as well. Unique in a novel sort of way which should interest the die-hard hackers too.

Most of the world's computers use Microsoft Windows as the operating system. Despite its popularity, Windows does have drawbacks - cost and security holes, for starters. There is a free alternative: the geeky Linux/GNU. In the past it was known as reliable but hard to use. Dyne:bolic is a multimedia studio on a CD that you simply pop into any computer and start it up, instantly turning it into a Linux/GNU system without affecting existing things on your computer.

Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 20:10:37 -0500
From: Jon maddog Hall <maddog at li.org>
To: discuss at gnhlug.org
Subject: If you have not seen Dynebolic, you have not seen....

I looked at this distribution six months ago, but as impressive as it
was then,
it has gotten even better.

Take a look.


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