100% FREE OS for the EEEPC


Some development notes

ideas for an "easy" installer that works in the xandros system that is shipped with:

Shell script that downlads the installer and flashes it on a usb key

From a fresh user one should download the shell script, open the filebrowser to its home directory, right click on the shell script and select "open with...", then type in the dialog '/bin/sh' and press enter.

Apparently this is the easiest way so far to download a script and execute it.

Binary installer

Some graphical installer made with glade could be handy, i'm not sure if binaries can be downloaded and executed in a simplier way... ok tested and it needs to select the binary, edit the "Properties", switch to tab for permission changing, add executable permission bit, close the propert and then double click on the program.

-> So far the easiest and simpliest way to execute downloaded programs is the shell script -jrml

/!\ today's news: 16:52 <jebba> ctrl-alt-t is terminal in default xandros btw

so maybe is better to write simple instructions to:

Download the shell script ctrl-alt-t type in the terminal "./Downloads/install-freeeee.sh"

from there on we have a graphical interface...

still wondering if that is the simpliest way to execute a remote application on the xandros-EEEPC...

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