How to make a FreeJ release from GIT

Tutored by GODOG

First of all make a clone of the repo, obviously :)

git clone git://

Take a coffee, make sure you feel good, clean Karma helps.

Edit to match the release version you like to have, check that all documentation is up to date, commit all that

The usual procedure of autoconf then will crunch your CPU

make distcheck

Make sure that the last command 'distcheck' has a happy ending

In the current directory you'll find freej-'VER'.tar.gz and -tar.bz2

The files above are the distributable releases, try building them as a normal user... without autoreconf - however distcheck has done a check already ;P

Tag the release on the git repository to remember it in the history:

git tag vVERSION

Then, in case you have write access to the repository, push it with 'git push --tags'

If you are the upstream mantainer, make a md5sum of the file and then sign it with your GPG public key

md5sum freej-VER.tar.gz > freej-VER.tar.gz.md5
gpg -b -a freej-VER.tar.gz.md5

And upload it on our server

scp -r freej-VER.tar.gz*

To update the website and announce the release, log into and edit the software entry of freej to reflect the latest version and date of release.

That should be IT ;)

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