new script Object Tree



Something to change total fps of the engine, but also per video. I don't really want to be the only part of my performance that has any knowledge of speed ... I would love if FreeJ got some 'tap for bpm sync' feature, like OpenTZT has ...


Is it possible to get the screen width and height from a js script?

If it isn't possible at the moment, where should I add this functionality? screen_get_width/screen_get_height as GLOBALS?

No, that's really missing ... ;)

multiple ViewPorts

try {

} catch (e) {

} ViewPort has all layer methods(!) so use .zoom() and .set_position() or ctrl-a in the console ;)

Hacking in progress in my freej_91 branch


blit layer to layer

Every Layer gets the method to blit another Layer on it once. A script might look like:

i=new ImageLayer("lol.png")

g=new GeoLayer() // or how about VideoLayer() and apply alpha masks
g.put(i, x, y)

Now it would be nice if the current blit of i would be applied but here the blitter code must be reworked. Also applying filter once would be nice so after the i.zoom do a i.filter("blur") ....

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