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 * [[Netsukuku|Netsukuku wiki]] ([[http://netsukuku.freaknet.org|homepage)]]  * [[Netsukuku|Netsukuku wiki]] ([[http://netsukuku.freaknet.org|homepage]])
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== FreakNet ==
 . {{http://freaknet.org/img/freaknet.png}}
 * FreakNet wiki: works in progress (sorry, staff only! ;)
== Freej wiki ==
 . {{http://freej.org/ipernav-trans.png}}
 * [[Freej|Freej wiki]] ([[http://freej.dyne.org|homepage]])

Welcome to dyne.org wiki :-)

  • /!\ We like to offer open edit to anyone and anonymously, but we are suffering from heavy spam. Besides your own user, a simple password is needed to create and edit pages.

  • /!\ Contact us if you don't know it - or try asking around, many people know it :^P

  • /!\ Ci piace offrire questo servizio aperto alla scrittura ed anonimo, ma lo spam finisce per soffocarci. In aggiunta all'utenza facoltativa, ora una semplice password e' necessaria per creare e modificare le pagine.

  • /!\ Contattaci se non la conosci - o chiedi in giro, in tanti la sanno :^P

[dyne:bolic] FAQ

Netsukuku wiki

Freej wiki

radio onda rossa program

cinelerra wiki

Other pages

  • BrowsingSuggestions: some suggestions on where to browse || alcuni suggerimenti di siti da surfare

what is dyne.org? -> http://dyne.org

why is dyne.org? -> http://dyne.org/hackers.php

Standards are different for all things, so the standard set by man is by no means the only 'certain' standard.
If you mistake what is relative for something certain, you have strayed far from the ultimate truth. -- Chuang Tzu

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