HackIt 0x12 - Call 4 Papers Hackmeeting 2015

Naples, 19, 20, 21 June 2015



The Hackmeeting celebrates its 17th edition and in 2015 it will take place in Naples, from the 19th till the 21st of June. As you may know, the Hackmeeting is a self-managed event where there are neither organizers nor attendees but only participants. Three days of talks, seminars, games, parties, debates, ideas exchange and collective learning to analyse together technologies that we use everyday; the way they change and turn upside down our real and virtual life; which role we can take to address this change and free it from the control of those who want to monopolize its development, crumbling the social structure and enclosing us in narrow virtual spaces.


This year the main subjects are repression and mass surveillance through technologies. How do they work? How can we neutralize them, hack them, and subvert them? We'll dive into malwares, asymmetric cryptography, social networks, network interceptions and all that each participant will bring to the event. In addition to talks, this year we will try to organize a round table to chat about projects we developed during the past years. No lessons, no teachers, the exchange will be horizontal. If you want to share your project and compare it with similar ones, announce it in the mailing list and get organized with the community!



If you want to run a seminar, please subscribe to the mailing list and submit there your proposal or edit the wiki page Hackmeeting2015/Talks. Please specify when you want to run the seminar, the subject and the duration of your speech. Everything is self-managed. We kindly invite you to communicate in advance which seminar you want to run: this way it would be easier to organize the talks schedule and their promotion on the Internet. For more information read this page: Hackmeeting2015/en/HowToProposeTalks.

The Hackmeeting strongly recommends to use reveal-js (http://lab.hakim.se/reveal-js/#/) or strut (http://strut.io/) or even impress (https://github.com/bartaz/impress.js/) and bespoke (https://github.com/markdalgleish/bespoke.js) to make your slides. Other open formats are allowed but discouraged.

Audio contents are an important feature to promote and make your seminar more useful and complete. A multimedia box to record your seminar will be available, upon approval by both speakers and audience. In case the multimedia box should be unavailable, you can record the speech by yourself and add it to the seminar materials. The only Audio formats allowed are open format. Info about the use of metadata

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