Dyne Backtraching Howto


Suppose that you have installed the latest version of freej or muse or others dyne software, and inexplicably going crash. For this you are unhappy, and mocks jokingly the programmers :P, but in reality you want kill these! Then...backtrace may help programmers for the bugs correction and for live in happiness with the free software!!! :) If you want an even better software you have to help the developper with your small contribution. :) In this page we explain how to make an helpfull backtrace from a reproducible program crash.


First of all you have to install the debugger program:

When install a software from binary the debug options are disabled by default. Then you have to re-install the package from source making sure that is enabled the option ./configure [...] --enable-debug or passing to the compiler the option CFLAGS="[...] -ggdb" CXXFLAGS="${CFLAGS}" ./configure [...]. After this we can proceed to obtain a program backtrace. Point gdb to the path of the program to run and give it the arguments it will need. Then run the program with gdb and cause crash:

gdb /path/to/program/<program>
(gdb) run <program_options>

(gdb) set logging file <namefile_backtrace>
(gdb) set logging on
Copying output to <namefile_backtrace>.
(gdb) bt full
(gdb) set logging off
Done logging to <namefile_backtrace>.
(gdb) quit

Enjoy!! \o/

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