How to configure an Icecast2 server

Fallback structure

We have different mountpoints, for streaming and listening.

So, rcyb.mp3, the old link, falls back on radiocybernet.mp3, the correct listening link. He falls back on rcybcell.mp3, if exist - it means that somebody is streaming from the street, it's a sort of emergency live broadcast so it has priority. If cellular phone stream is not online, it falls back over rcyblive.mp3, that is a source coming from a base station, usually a studio, a PC, whatever. If this also is not working, it falls back on radiocybernet-archive.mp3, that is the historical 24/7 streaming of everything we did since 1997. (If the historical streaming is not working, WELL, SOMETHING IS REALLY FUCKED UP)

Basic & fallback configuration

You just have to set up icecast.xml as usual, and add those things after the <relay> section (don't touch the relay shit, you usually don't need them):

<!-- settaggi mount per radiocybernet e suo fallback

<!-- Historical 24/7 radio cybernet archive
     used as fallback -->

<!-- mountpoint of any fixed streaming point (a pc) -->

<!-- Mountpoint for live streaming from a cellular phone!
     fallback to fixed streaming mountpoint above. -->

<!-- MAIN MOUNTPOINT FOR LISTENERS. This goes to cellular phone
     streaming, if exist. if not, falls back to PC mountpoint, if
     exist. If not, fallback to 24/7 historical streaming. -->
<!--        <fallback-override>1</fallback-override> a che cazzo serve PORCODIO NON SI CAPISCE DIOCANE -->

<!-- For historical reasons, a lot of internet links point to this
     old mountpoint. -->

<!-- mountpoint for trasformatorio.mp3 with fallback.
     Fallback come from (asbesto) using
     liquidsoap -->



Icecast web page tweaks

To add a "CLICK HERE TO LISTEN" link and an embedded player for EVERY format (mp3, ogg, etc) instead of ogg only!

Edit status.xsl:

                                                                <ul class="mountlist">
                                                                        <!-- LINK PER ASCOLTO SU QUALSIASI MOUNTPOINT, CRISTAZZO -->
                                                                        <li><a class="play" href="{@mount}">CLICK HERE TO LISTEN</a></li>
                                                                        <li><a class="play" href="{@mount}.m3u">M3U</a></li>
                                                                        <li><a class="play" href="{@mount}.xspf">XSPF</a></li>
                                <div class="mountcont">
                                        <!-- FANCULO AL CONTROLLO SE E' SOLO UN CAZZO DI FILE .OGG DI MERDA
                                        <xsl:if test="server_type and ((server_type = 'application/ogg') or (server_type = 'audio/ogg') or (server_type = 'application/mp3') or (server_type = 'audio/mp3'))">
                                                <div class="audioplayer">
                                                        <audio controls="controls" preload="none">
                                                                <source src="{@mount}" type="{server_type}" />
                                        <!-- FANCULOOOOO!!! PLAYERS PER TUTTI!!!

Paths and intro files, mp3 etc.

Path configuration for the internal icecast2 web server:


if chroot is not configured (look at the end of icecast.xml), then you place your mp3 files there!

root@irc2:/etc/icecast2# cd /usr/share/icecast2/web/
root@irc2:/usr/share/icecast2/web# ls
.                           icecast.png         status-json.xsl  xml2json.xslt
..                          icecast.png.old     status.xsl
announce-radiocybernet.mp3  key.png             style.css
auth.xsl                    server_version.xsl  tunein.png

Graphics is also here, for tweaking.

announce-radiocybernet.mp3 is an intro file, you set it in a <mount> section, for example:


look up!



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