This is the mail we are sending to the FSF talking about Idiki.

Subject: Free ideas repository

Dear FSF,

we would like to let you know about Idiki:

From the About page (

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== Idiki: a wiki of ideas. ==

Idiki is a wiki of ideas organised in categories.

Anyone can add and expose their idea.
The first which proposes an idea can also choose its name, then everyone can
improve and extend it.

The Idiki name is the union of the word "idea" with "wiki" and is also a
Basque word, which means "to expose".

== Why? ==

Idiki is the natural evolution of the philosophy of the global, distributed
and not controlled information.

Ideas can't be possessed.

The idea is the fundamental element of all human inventions.
Without the idea of the free software, today there wouldn't ever be the GNU
Project and the GPL. 
Ideas, even in these days, are still closed and secretly hidden!
The programmer X rarely will share publicly its idea while he's beginning or
continuing the development of the related project, even if it will be released
under the GPL license. This negative attitude prevents the rapid grows and
improvement of the ideas.
The same holds for the other sectors of the human information.
It also probable that an idea had been already "invented" by hundreds people
at the same time, in different places of the globe.
Moreover ideas generates other ideas.

Idiki is an instrument, which unites the sharing efforts of the ideas.

Idiki will reach its highest potentiality when the "inventors" will understand
that it's useless to hide their own ideas and trying to implement them solely
with the own forces, therefore the inventor which "discovered" an idea able to
change life on the Solar system, needs to understand that without the ideas of
the other people he would not be able to reach his result and thus, the first
step would be to share globally his idea.

== Licenses ==

The one who publishes his idea on Idiki, can decide to use any "free"
license (i.e. CreativeCommons) to warrant the paternity of the document written by himself. It's
important to note that an idea cannot be created by anyone and for this reason
it cannot have any copyright, instead, it's right to write the one which
published the idea for the first time.

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For more informations read

It would make us really happy to hear your suggestions and Ideas about it ^_^.

Also if you want to give an hand we'll appreciate it (i,e. letting the people
know it).

Best Regards

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