Conservation status: Not-Domesticated/Endangered 
Scientific classification:

 Kingdom:        Animalia 
 Phylum:         Chordata
 Class:          Mammalia-UNIX                                                   Order:          Sysadmin
 Family:         User eater
 Species:        Il Presidente
 Binomial name:  Abestus Molestus



The Asbestus Molestus is the largest surviving not-carnivorous UNIX sysadmin in Freaknet. It has a squat and thick build, with a large head and a ~/home which is about half its body length.

WARNING: If you happen to be in front of an Asbestus, DO NOT MOVE, nor make any noise. It is very dangerous when awakened.

Ecology and behaviour

In general, if well feeded, the Asbestus is a pacific semitic-racial-sessist-pacifist-fist-omosexual-bisexual-nsexual-anarchic-comunist-fascist. You can recognize its good intentions by its verse: "HI, SUCHI LA MINCHI" Or maybe by its movements:

13:24 <@asbesto>  TOH, NEL CULO!!!
13:24 <@asbesto>              \o
13:24 <@asbesto>      o___. __/)
13:24 <@asbesto>      /) <<  (\

Tip: do not try to execute literally each words or sentence the Asbestus says. If you cannot, be prepared to brain loss, amnesia, other various language disorders.


The Asbestus live in large groups of DEFICIENTI. They generally rest on IRC ( , #freaknet ). But you may happen to find them in strange places as Skype, or even Real Life.

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