iMac 7.1 2007 tips & tricks

Install High Sierra

I just followed the instruction from and also

First, hardware upgrade, choose a good CPU, open the iMac and install it.

sierra patch and usb osx installer

I discovered that if you used your USB for linux shit, and create a NTFS filesystem, and follow the dosdude1 instructions, the process exit with some errors when unmounting and remounting the usb drive, especially creating the patcher! What I had to do is to wipe out the usb drive BEFORE creating the ntfs partition. I used dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdbX bs=4k and let it go for a while.

preserve your usb drive

it will be useful when you forgot to avoid installing upgrades and your wifi card will be screwed up and you will obtain an ugly "wifi not installed" message!!!!!


Plug the MAGIC USB OSX PATCHER boot drive in your imac, turn it on and press the ALT -\ weird key at the chime sound. keep it pressed until drives will be shown at boot. Choose the USB and boot it...

After that, don't install the OS or it will wipe out everything you have!

Just don't choose anything, no language! click macOS Post Install and select imac 7.1. and click PATCH!

if you select to rebuild the cache (IDK if this is useful) at the next reboot you have to do

sudo kextcache -system-prelinked-kernel


macOS Post Install

It can be found in the USB key, under Applications - Utilities. You can copy it on your system maybe? Can it work alone?

To be tested!

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