MacBookBolic (how I tried to customize Dynebolic 2.5 to my MacBook

I wish to make a special version of Dyne:Bolic for MacBook with special hardware automatically working. For that, I need to add drivers for :

At first, it will be a how to and then a module and maybe later a live CD.

The story of the experiment


First, you need to get the latest ndiswrapper source and compile it. You will get it here.

open a Terminal, make a little

sudo su
tar xvzf ndiswrapper-1.48.tar.gz
cd ndiswrapper-1.48
make clean
make install

You have the latest ndiswrapper installed, cool up...

Then just follow this pagewhere you can find the right instructions

Just add the command :

ifconfig wlan0 up

after the command modprobe ndiswrapper.

then you can configure your wifi configuration in the dyne module.

links that helped me :

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