FreakNet Medialab

Born in 1998 as phisical place for our "FREAKNET BBS" Network, active since the end of 1994, it's a free open lab, where people can work with computers and connect to internet for free. The basic idea was to offer computers and network for people that CAN'T have one: students, viados, extra-comunitary immigrants, clochards, travellers, and so on.

legal problem: the italian law "Legge Pisanu" for anti-terrorism, a real shame, for wich people using a computer connected to a network MUST BE IDENTIFIED by a copy of a document. :(

Some project of FreakNet and FreakNet MediaLab:

More resources on (ITA only, sorry)

Past and Actual Problems


Go back to the initial idea: to offer public services for the community, being a phisical place where people can meet, share and enjoy using free hardware and free software, better than we do in the past, giving help and assistance.


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