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Q: How do you inline an image stored locally? (e.g. ../wiki-moimoin/data/images/picture.gif)

A: See the [[Icon]] macro; besides that, fully qualified URLs to the wiki server work, too.

Would be useful, but before you start, let us discuss exactly how to implement it on the developer mailing list. I'll look into extending [[Icon]]. -- jh


PatternTemplate is a nice addition to the standard distribution set, but if you want to add actual patterns, either consider using the C2 Wiki or setting up your own wiki (or ask me to set up a pattern wiki).

Help pages

I'm wondering why not use the wiki topic method instead of putting keywords (such as HelpOn) in page titles?

Well, why not. Putting it in the title has the distinct advantage of a faster index generation, and also eases the upgrade of existing MoinMoin wikis (cp Help* mywiki/data/text).

Edit / update anomalies

In MoinMoinTodo it says: EditText now adds the page's timestamp to the FORM, and refuses the save if the timestamp changed between loading the editpage and saving.

I don't like this feature. On WikiWiki I'm able to make a small edit, click on Save and look at the result. Then I just push the back button and do additional changes or correct something I did wrong on the previous edit. This isn't possible on MoinMoin. Of course I can always use EditText again, but this is significantly slower. --MarkoSchulz

Marko, would a preview-button (opening a new window!) solve that problem for you? Also, note this from MoinMoinTodo: When a save is in conflict with another update, use the rcs/cvs merge process to create the new page, so the conflicts can be refactored. Warn the user of this! -- JürgenHermann

Good idea => Of course, one could add a special case by also storing a unique session cookie in a hidden field. If it's the same client, then we assume they're just pressed the back button and we let them overwrite the changes. -- MartinPool

The C2 and UseMod wikis check the user in case of a conflict. If the user is the same, the save is allowed. We presume that users can handle conflicts with themselves. (This could be a problem if multiple users edit from the same IP.) --CliffordAdams

Cookie mode is planned anyway, and I will add it for that; IP is not unique enough (Proxies!), but IP+User-Agent+Something probably is, I will give this some thought. -- JürgenHermann (with an "ü" ;)

It is very likely that cookies will not be available on the majority of internet appliances for a long time, nor will they be available in browsers that do not support them or browsers that block them. I recommend gracefully degrading in the case that cookies aren't supported by the client. -- SunirShah



Now that Python 2.0 comes with a gettext module, it shouldn't be a great deal of work, to make moinmoin "i18n-ready". It is a shame that a piece of software originating from Germany doesn't include i18n support. Would you accept patches? Or may be I have missed something obvious and translation is already on the way? --PeFu

I do accept patches (preferably against the current CVS tree), if you want to work on anything, let's discuss it the mailing list (moin-dev) first, so work is not duplicated.

The matter of translation is two-fold: effective & clean inclusion into the source needs the refactoring currently under way, and then there is the matter of the translation itself. If you could translate the Help* pages to German for a start, that would be tremendously helpful.

Regarding Python 2.0: I'm planning to keep 1.5.2 compatibility as long as possible.

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