MuSE Code Sprint

TCPC - 2,3,4 October 2009 (WE)

Sprint will be held remotely among participants connecting from different places, with high availability during a period of 3 days and 2 nights, concentrating on the development of a new MuSE version.

One main location gathering new developers to be introduced to the code is in Palazzolo Acreide, hosted by the Freaknet Poetry Hacklab.

Remote presence


Skype? Ekiga? Sflanz? IRC on a well defined channel on, SSL, port 9999 (accept wrong certificates)

Task list


Graphic Interface

TODO: A panel with keys to be associated to particular sounds (.wav, mp3 or whatsoever? formats?): one click -> one special effect to be mixed in real time. Example, applauses during an interview, or laughs, funny sounds, or whatsoever.



Bugs Reported


15:38 @<cheche> hi jaromil , is the code on the git repository the latest one?
15:39 @<cheche> I have to compile the 0.92 version (dec 2007) but I saw some errors, I am 
                trying to use the one from the git repository but I found othere problems
15:40 @<cheche> 1) if i do not specify  -U source , I get login incorrect 
15:41 @<cheche> 2) muse stop working just after it started, I got the feeling that it is 
                not getting input and get stop, but I do not know how to get more debug 
15:42 @<jaromil> git repo is latest, yes, compiles with new gcc
15:44 @<jaromil> better refer to that
15:44 @<jaromil> we need to write a small debugging guide
15:44 @<jaromil> -D3 gives more info
15:45 @<cheche> i did -D 3 already but not many info about the issue
15:45 @<jaromil> ok
15:46 @<jaromil> i suspect your problem has to do with the mp3 decoder library
15:46 @<jaromil> which is very old
15:46 @<jaromil> and yes, if there is no input icecast doesn't logs you in
15:48 @<cheche> well, I have test right now using "-e ogg" and still have same problem
17:45 @<cheche> 0c3fc462 is ok
17:46 @<cheche> so e9a1ed1d6f3b8df5edffe8bc97efa5968c23f415 seem to be the crupit
18:45 @<cheche> jaromil: i think that my problme fails on 
18:46 @<cheche> jaromil: on dev_sound.cpp what is the meaning of 
18:48 @<jaromil> that is setting the behaviour for the FIFO pipe
18:48 @<jaromil> it can be that
18:48 @<jaromil> as i mentioned, it is a thread locking issue
18:48 @<jaromil> set_block sets it
18:49 @<cheche> it was changed from false,true to false,false

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