Questo comunicato in italiano:

As you may know, our 'Museo dell'Informatica funzionante' Computer Museum is currently located in Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily.

But the small village is becoming a little tight for us. Our storage archive is now chock-full of historical pieces. There are more than two thousand at the present time.

Through our various initiatives we do collect some people, but never as many as we could possibly attract if we were in a more central location, in a bigger city.

The local institutions do not not care about us, so for us to think about moving to Siracusa has become natural. It is a bigger and more turistic city, with a better vocation to science and technology.

In Siracusa we are organizing 'Insert Coin', an artistic, social and anthropological exhibition about videogames and their side effects.

For the exhibition we had a welcoming attention from the Siracusa municipality, which offered us the Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, located in a very popular and central place. It is a huge space that will not only accommodate the exhibits but also a set of historical and playful installations.

We will exhibit historic videogames from the early PONG, Atari, Intellivision, to systems like the NES, Commodore 64, and historical video games like Doom, Larry and much more. Alongside there will be a collective exibithion of artists from all over the world. There will be many other events, like workshops, presentations, a small movie theater, food tastings of strictly local cuisine including vegan zero kilometer foods.

The design of the show is planned to hit the visitors imagination and to provide all information necessary to enter into our world! :)

This will be version 2.0 of the exhibition ┬┤Insert Coin' that took place in Cosenza 2 years ago with the brothers of 'Verde Binario' and the MIAI - 'Museo Interattivo di Archeologia Informatica' Computer Museum, that on that occasion participated by offering logistical help, added some pieces to be exhibited, and exchanged their experiences in the spirit of collaboration and sharing that has always distinguished our museums / associations. :)

And here is the usual problem: we are at ZERO budget.

This means that we got interest and istitutional patronage, but all for 'free'. And that means that to install the show will be a real challenge.

As always someone proposed to search for sponsors, and yes, we are open to this. We're very strict though in choosing sponsors. Our historical and political background forces us to be very ethical in this: we cannot accept sponsorships from entities that we fought and opposed, for very good reasons, for more than twenty years!

So, we are asking for help from the community: we commit to realize a spectacular set-up for the exhibition on Video games; to produce an exhibition catalog and all the necessary things. We are today alive thanks to the support of all those who loved us and believed in our project, so here we are again asking for donations to help us plant the first seeds of a new growing phase for our communitary project!

Our challenge is again to prove to be capable of implementing an initiative funded by grass root activity, a community that loves us rather than business or politicians who rather value their support by the presence of a logo on a poster.

If you want to support us, please make a donation with the description: 'I INSERT THIS COIN Donation for Siracusa 2014'

Obviously, with no donations at all, we will make the show anyway, at any cost, picking from our pockets, with our efforts, as usual!

Thank you so much,


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