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Questo comunicato e' relativo al fatto che non abbiamo abbastanza soldi per pagare l'affitto, figuriamoci per tenere acceso hardware storico :(

We are looking for contributions that will help us dealing with our expenses in the first phase of our project. The amount we are looking for consists of 6,000 EUR for the first year, an amount which will be spent in renewing our rented locals.

We are asking, to anyone interested and willing to support, to sponsor us and discuss with us something that wouldn't only be a simple donation but also an investment opportunity which could have a important impact in the long term.

This is our Association Plan:

1 Year People Association Plan

2 cigarettes pack / month (10EUR/month): the fellow is entitled with a mention on the site as a sustainer! 1 Pizza + beer / month for 2 people (25EUR/month): as above, plus it will receive our annual gadget! 1 dinner for two / month (50EUR/month): as above, plus the "adoption" of an historical machine, giving her a name and being cited on his page as "Distance father / mother" ! 1 Year Institution / Company Association Plan

1000EUR/year: Title in the "sustainers" page, with a little logo of the Institution / Company 2000EUR/year: As above, plus logo and mention in the Freaknet / Dyne homepages, and in every public initiative we do, as a sustainer!


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