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The short story:

The main idea and theory, among all the RFC and first implementation, was done by Alpt and the talented crew of developers: Andrea Leofreddi, Enzo Nicosia, Federico Tomassini, Crash and a lot bunch of people I probably forgot to mention.

The original Netsukuku implementation was written by Alpt and the original team (check AUTHORS) in C. Unfortunately that implementation depends on an older Linux kernel and iptables. It was the most up-to-date implementation of the protocol and featured ANDNA.

Later on, the C implementation was dropped in flavour of the new python one. It featured stackless python as it's primary python VM in order to take advantage of the microthread featured in the stackless python project.

On the other side, another developer named Luca, started his own Netsukuku implementation in vala, due the fact that the python implementation development was somehow stalled.

The vala implementation, currently the active developed one, also ported a basic mockup for the microthreads implementation called Tasklets. It aims to implement Netsukuku and all of it's RFC.

So, resuming:

ntk was developed originally in C but it is now deprecated. The protocol got rewritten in stackless python but development got stalled, and finally so far it has reincarnated in a vala port by different people.


vala development

poython development

c development

The Netsukuku Protocol:





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