Warning: This is still a highly untested software use with caution.

Openwrt notes

For compilation you will need the following dependencies:

It is recommended to install bazaar to interact with the source code repository since currently there is no stable tarball for downloading.


Clone the vala ntk repository

$ bzr branch bzr://bzr.savannah.nongnu.org/netsukuku/vala netsukuku-vala


The following will generate the necesary files for autotools work as intended. It will install ntk to /usr/local by default. Feel free to run ./configure --help to see all the variables you might change.

cd netsukuku-vala
sudo make install

copy configurations

sudo cp -r INSTALL_DIR/linux/etc/netsukuku /etc/


ntkd --help
# for example:
ntkd -i eth0 -i wlan0 -v 4

For messing around:

# Install OpenVPN and bridge utils
apt-get install openvpn bridge-utils

# Make a tunnel interface 
sudo openvpn --mktun --dev tap0 --user `id -un`

# Check it's there 
ifconfig tap0

# Make a bridge interface 
brctl addbr br0

# Check it's there 
ifconfig br0

# Add tunnel iface to bridge
brctl addif br0 tap0

# Start ntkd on the bridge (won't work on tap0 ?!?) 
sudo ntkd -i br0

# Watch it 
tcpdump -i br0

Make sure you are not running some sort of network interface manager such as NetworkManager, wicd, dhcpd, etc., on that NIC, otherwise it will interrupt the process and assign a new IP address destroying our link with the Ntk network.

The instructions to deactivate such services depends higly on your GNU/Linux disto.

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