In a Netsukuku network each node can have more than one link towards more than one neighbor node. Usually you start with a link with a neighbor, and this is enough for a good experience. But at any moment, you can upgrade your connectivity, for instance by mounting more antennas on your roof which connect to more nodes. Your node will, in many occasions, exploit all the capacity of all the links.

This is mostly unseen in Internet today. Due to its centralized architecture, you get only one gateway and it is very hard to setup a solution where one can effectively sum up the capacity of, say, two separate Internet DSL lines.

In netsukuku, when you are already connected and you setup a direct connection with a new neighbor, you are helping your neighbor. But at the same time you are helping the whole network to grow, and you are helping yourself too. In fact, you are setting up another path for your computer and that path could become in future a precious link for you to exploit.

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