Netsukuku for a global Net indipendent from the Internet

The Open Source has enabled the migration towards free software, but there is
no chance to join PC each other worldwide in a free way.  
Imagine to be titular of full membership into a global Network, without signing 
contracts with any Internet Operators. Imagine to surf in a Net where there is 
no central regulating Authority which assigns IP, conditions, names and
Netsukuku, an Open Source software, which can be downloaded from, makes possible the creation of a new distributed
Net, expandable to an unlimited number of users, independent and
totally apart from the Internet.  Due to the Netsukuku particular routing
system, created by the "Freaknet" group of Catania (Italy), the Net is self
sustained, thanks to all the Net users, which share a small part of their
own PC resources.  Anybody has the chance to join the Net, running till 256 
IP address and, at the same time, to let other users do the same.  
In this way, also the countries and regions of the globe where Internet is
still not available, simply through a wild area wi-fi coverage, can create 
and develop their own Net, sharing Internet access without any Internet 


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