Netsukuku Revised


In cities, let everyone throw an ethernet cable from roof to roof,

from window to window,

let drill one hole in the roof of his flat, and in the ceil and pass to his neighbour an ethernet cable.

Make thus the city a mesh network.

Plan: in 1 or 2 years develop a working algorithm. Then publish the algorithm and let developers world-wide develop the software in 6 months. Start deploying things in cities like Catania (medium-size metropoli where people are not really happy with institutions and services/costs of commercial companies).


A list of simple but not trivial points:

Institutions and the plan

Big problem: neighbours in a city are not friends.

Solution 1: push institution to give grants and authorizations.

Move people and let see that collaboration is better.

With collective donations, one can contract ISPs and mirror important Internet website and resources. This should cost much less than what all citizens currently pay for their Internet connection.

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