Netsukuku is an Open Source networking tool, presented at the World Summit on the Information Society meeting, promoted in Geneva the last 18th of May by the ITU. This software has been included among the initiatives that according the WSISs Golden Book, can give an effective contribution on bridging the digital divide over the world.

Netsukuku is based on a very simple idea: thanks to the existing wi-fi technologies, any PC or wi-fi device can turn itself into a node of a mesh network, growing worldwide and endlessly. Through a special routing software, any user can connect himself into a network alternative to the Internet, build automatically as an endless peer to peer (wireless)network, without the support of the Telecom Companies nor of any governance Entities. Any user, setting up his own wi-fi antennas on a well exposed place (i.e. windows or roofs), links himself to the other Netsukuku users, placed within his radio ranges. If you are staying out of a Netsukuku wi-fi signal range, you will as well be able to join to Netsukuku network, by the means of "virtual tunnel" over the Internet connections, which will act as a radio or any other physical link. The Netsukuku users will be able to share their own spare bandwidth, allowing, in such a way, other users to have free Internet connection and to become a new node into the Netsukuku network.

Netsukuku is conceived to become the very alternative to Internet, ready to expand anywhere in an unique, totally apart and free network, where everyone can make use of digital communication, information and knowledge, independently from any commercial or Governmental intervention, as long as any task is equally distributed upon all the Netsukuku embedded devices or PC, without any server and with a minimal memory and CPU resources, even for the assigning and resolving domain names processes.

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