The Wi-Fi revolution in a P2P networking solution

The name can sound like Japanese but Netsukuku actually
is an Italian Open Source networking tool, presented 
at the World Summit on the Information Society meeting, held 
in Geneva the last 18th of May.
This software is among the 375 initiatives included inside the 
WSIS Golden Book that, according to the ITU, can give a valid 
contribution to bridge the digital divide(*).
Netsukuku software is based on the very simple idea to enable 
PCs, through wi-fi or any other connection medium, to be linked
each other and build by themselves an unique global mesh
network, totally apart, complementary and even bigger than Internet, 
without the support of any Telecom Companies, ISPs or governance entities.
The task to assign and resolve the domain names is equally distributed 
upon each PC, avoiding the use of any server, with a minimal requirement 
of memory and CPU resources. The users sharing their own spare 
bandwidth will provide free Internet connection for the whole community. 
Wi-fi technology represents the easiest way to join the Netsukuku network.
The users setting up their own wi-fi antennas on a well exposed place 
(i.e. windows or roofs), link themselves to the other Netsukuku 
users, placed within their radio ranges. The number of interconnected 
PCs can grow endlessly and even if a PC is out of the 
range of other Netsukuku wi-fi signals, an Internet connection is sufficient
to supply the missing "physical" link.

For more information and download:

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