Under dyne:bolic 1.4 a plain PS/2 mouse, one that doesn't handle the intellimouse protocol, will behave very erratically, pulling to the lower left corner of the screen and sending out seemingly random events. The default mouse protocol is set to "IMPS/2" in this release, and older mice (typically ones without a scroll wheel) need the plain "PS/2" protocol. This can be changed in the XF86Config file.

In case anyone wants to try 1.4 with a plain ps/2 mouse, and isn't quite sure how or what to edit to make it work, here is a step-by-step guide to getting up and running:

Boot d:b and wait for everything to start up. You should be looking at the big orange db on the splash window. For best results, don't touch the mouse during the boot, it can have weird effects.

Press Alt-X (press and hold the Alt key and then tap the X key.) A shell window will open up. In the shell type this command exactly and press enter:

nedit /etc/XF86Config

An editor window will open up with the XFree86 configuration file. Page down a couple of times and look for the following section:

{{{Section "InputDevice"

A few lines down is a line that reads:

        Option          "Protocol"              "IMPS/2"

Cursor over to the "IMPS/2" and delete the IM, leaving just "PS/2"

Press Ctrl-S (press and hold the Ctrl key and tap the 'S' key) to save the file.

Press Ctrl-Q to quit the editor.

Press Ctrl-Alt-Backspace (press and hold both Ctrl and Alt keys and press the Backspace key.) The screen should go black and back to text mode for a moment, and then restart d:b with a working mouse.

Once you have this working, you can make a nest to save the settings so you won't have to do this every time you boot dyne:bolic.

Hopes this helps someone, as dyne:bolic is worth all this effort!

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