xxx (no name yet :) ) it's a radio bandwidth sharing project. A such smart balancing system allows to distribute bandwidth load across large network created by distributed resources given by the same users permitting to create a virtually endless network.

It works this way:

- a streaming source login a server and tell it some additional infos;

- the server keeps two pools, one for the streaming sources and another to log all the hosts that mirror the sources, that we'll call now 'reflectors'. The server will assign to reflectors the sources in order to get a optimally bandwidth balancement;

- the reflectors will simply mirror the source streaming to the clients after the server commands.

Every active source contribute to network expansion, it can stream on the network and relay via a dynamic, pseudocentralised alias definition, the other source. The network's life is based on his own content: with icecast's transparent relaying, only requested sources will take net's bandwidth for more than few seconds: this can allow everyone to stream and to have same possibilities, but also a sort of natural selection of network content, based on the listeners the network have:this will permit, maybe, in a future, to create a more complex network, grouped by common genres/interests and linked with others net with a few links, making a community like never seen before, without rules others than the need to produce good content :)

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