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Failure prediction of electrolytic capacitors during operation of aswitchmode power supply Lahyani, A.; Venet, P.; Grellet, G.; Viverge, P.-J. Power Electronics, IEEE Transactions on Volume 13, Issue 6, Nov 1998 Page(s):1199 - 1207 Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/63.728347 Summary:Electrolytic filter capacitors are frequently responsible for static converter breakdowns. To predict these faults, a new method to set a predictive maintenance is presented and tested on two types of converters. The best indicator of fault of the output filter capacitors is the increase of ESR (equivalent series resistance). The output-voltage ripple ΔVo of the converter increases with respect to ESR. In order to avoid errors due to load variations, ΔVo is filtered at the switching frequency of the converter. The problem is that this filtered component is not only dependent on the aging of the capacitors, but also on the ambient temperature, output current, and input voltage of the converter. Thus, to predict the failure of the capacitors, this component is processed with these parameters and the remaining time before failure is deduced. Software was developed to establish predictive maintenance of the converter. The method developed is as follows. First, a reference system including all the converter parameters was built for the converter at its sound state, i.e., using sound electrolytic filter capacitors.

Ageing of impregnating liquids with different chemical structure for polypropylene capacitor dielectric

Journal Electrical Engineering (Archiv fur Elektrotechnik) Publisher Springer Berlin / Heidelberg ISSN 0948-7921 (Print) 1432-0487 (Online) Issue Volume 85, Number 2 / May, 2003 DOI 10.1007/s00202-002-0146-2 Pages 83-85 Subject Collection Engineering SpringerLink Date Thursday, February 19, 2004

The results of an ageing test of power capacitor dielectrics consisting of polypropylene film and impregnating liquids with different chemical structure (phenylxilylethan, monobenzyltoluol/dibenzyltoluol, polybuten, dodecylbenzol and perfluorcarbon) are presented in the paper. The testing was carried out on the specimens that modelled capacitor dielectric systems. The effects of aromaticity of synthetic hydrocarbon liquids and substitution of hydrogen atom by fluor atom in a perfluorcarbon liquid molecule, on critical partial discharge, rate of gas generation and gas absorption were established. The testing was carried out by means of a pulse height analyser.

Effect of the geometry on the aging of metalized polypropylene filmcapacitors El-Husseini, M.H.; Venet, P.; Rojat, G.; Fathallah, M. Power Electronics Specialists Conference, 2001. PESC. 2001 IEEE 32nd Annual Volume 4, Issue , 2001 Page(s):2061 - 2066 vol. 4 Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/PESC.2001.954424 Summary:Aging of MPPF capacitors have been studied in this paper with the aim to improve their reliability regarding their design. The statistical approach showed that the failure mode may be represented by two parameter Weibull distribution and the experimental approach proved that a long capacitor deteriorates faster than a plate-shaped capacitor having the same features

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