SMEBS Business to Business direct marketing blog specializing in lead generation, demand generation and customer retention. We deploy outbound calling campaigns on behalf of some of the nation’s most well respected organizations.

We have become the direct marketing blog of choice for companies with complex products and services and best B2B-social media strategies being marketed to high level decision makers. Our direct marketing ideas help our clients increase sales through strategically designed lead generation programs. Whether the outbound calling program is to generate and qualify new prospects, enhance customer relationships, conduct marketing surveys or invite participants to events,

SMEBS is a creative and powerful B2B partner that gets results.

About SMEBS(me):- founded the Manufacturing Media Consortium in the 90's. This extraordinary group of more than 3000 journalists worldwide is writing about SMEs B2B trends, SMEs data, SMB case studies, SMEs profiles, and features in the small amd medium enterprises and industrial sector.

worked with thousands of SME media outlets to expand scope for small and medium businessmen coverage. authored more than 2,000 articles for a wide range of manufacturing periodicals,B2B industrial magazines, and B2b business directories including most of the leading monthly trade B2B magzines.

served as contributing editor for leading B2B marketplace magazines.

The scope of publications ranges from to B2B Digest. providing a voice for SMEs worldwide.

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