Supported Hardware

This will hopefully serve as a list of audio devices which are supported by Dynebolic. However, the contributor cannot locate such a list and is hoping the community will provide one.


E-Mu XMidi 1x1 usb Midi Interface

Works out of the box without further configuration. If it doesn't work directly after booting, just replug the device at the usb port.

HP dv1000 works fine .. except the ipw2200 wireless driver is not seen.. HP dvd writer dvd420e works fine HP 1702 LCD monitor gives a strange screen size, in which I can see only a part of the screen at a time, I have to slide up, down, right and left to get to the corners.


everything i'm running works flawlessly, apart from the ipw2100 card in my dell laptop. also, it has trouble picking up widescreen resolutions. nowhere.elysium

When running on my dell desktop, (PII mmx, 400 MHz 320M RAM) it appears to lock up my onboard sound device (cs4236B). At boot time,I noticed the line "amixer: <an error warning> no such device". When running alsaconfig, it acts as if it successfully configures my sound device but when I try to detect it from xterm, it says "no sound cards detected". I believe that it is blocking my sound device because after halting the system, I hear a pop from my speakers when I press the power button to shut my computer off. Is there any way to remedy this? I think I would really enjoy this distro if I could get this problem fixed.

M-audio Fastrack Pro works after 'modprobe snd-usb-audio'.

M-audio audiophile 24/96 works out of the box.

M-audio Prokeys 88 works. Hook it up after Jack starts.

HP Compaq nx6125 laptop works. Couldn't get the built in Broadcom wireless to work.

Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 works. Built in network card works. Built in wireless card not yet successfully configured.

HP nx9005 and HP nx7300 works fine with dyne 2.5.2: internal lan card works, wireless doesn't :( (Boardcom 44x) When just switching off the machine next boot time the keyboard doesn't work. Take battery off, put it back on and everything goes OK again. Using Kingston datatraveller 1Gb as host drive. E-Mu Xboard 61 works out of the box. M-Audio Midi Uno interface works fine.

Compaq Armada 3600 runs fine with 1.4.x.

2.5.2 works fine with HP ML1500 :) with great speed and works with IBM xSeries servers too :)

HP ScanJet6300C works fine

Behringer UCA-202 works fine with jack. Replug device after bootup to get it work. Priority 4, 256 frames, 48 kHz, 3 periods.

HP nx7300 works fine with built in AC97 soundcard

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