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We are open to contributions!! and this page is meant to organize them and help people to find out what they can do to help.

This page can be edited by anyone, so lets try to keep it clean and organized and to notice correctly what we are doing to avoid duplicate efforts.

If you are wondering how to use and edit this wiki page, have a look at HelpForBeginners!

Inquiries, questions and any information needed write to hackers@dyne.org

If you get on a task, please state it here!

software development

(!) role

<!> description

who is doing ;)

MuSE coder

C/C++ : write to the mailinglist muse@dyne.org

jaromil, nightolo, rubik

FreeJ coder

ASM/C++ : write to the mailinglist freej@dyne.org

jaromil, kysucix


lots to do, fix bugs and rebuild. first thing is to have a working SDK and a system to work remotely

alpt, bomboclat, c1cc10, jaromil, martin, newmark, smilzo


(!) role

<!> description

who is doing ;)

MuSE docu

we have it now :)


DyneBolic docu mantainer

the dyne:bolic user manual is being written in docbook format and hosted on CVS for concurrent editing. manual writers are welcome to join the effort! much has allready been done by jaromil, but we need to complete the application entries

jaromil, pallotron, newmark, martin


(!) role

<!> description

who is doing ;)

dyne.org webmaster

some pixel wizard is needed, for small graphics and new design ideas

jaromil, pallotron, lambru

DyneBolic webmaster

keep pages up to date with news from the mailinglist, work on localization of the pages in multiple languages

jaromil (ARG, i can't anymore!)

http://freej.org webmaster

to build a community place where to exchange documentation, ideas and plugins for http://freej.org


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