About Tomb inusability

I documented here every step that forced me to waste time searching into docs and manpages, instead of using the tool in a simple ad intuitive way, saving time and being happy.

How to install???

asbesto@rover ~/Desktop/src/tomb/Tomb-1.4
 % grep install README 
asbesto@rover ~/Desktop/src/tomb/Tomb-1.4
 % grep install *       
COPYING:  Some devices are designed to deny users access to install or run
COPYING:the source code needed to generate, install, and (for an executable
COPYING:procedures, authorization keys, or other information required to install
COPYING:if neither you nor any third party retains the ability to install
COPYING:been installed in ROM).
COPYING:for a work that has been modified or installed by the recipient, or for
COPYING:the User Product in which it has been modified or installed.  Access to a
grep: doc: Is a directory
grep: extras: Is a directory
Makefile:       @echo "To install it in /usr/local together with its manpage use 'make install'."
Makefile:       @install -Dm755 ${PROG} ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/bin/${PROG}
Makefile:       @install -Dm666 doc/${PROG}.1 ${DESTDIR}${MANDIR}/man1/${PROG}.1

Having to read the Makefile to know about how to install tomb and his manpage is CRAZY


asbesto@rover ~/Desktop % tomb dig --size 1GB
tomb  .  Commanded to dig tomb 1GB
tomb [W] An active swap partition is detected, this poses security risks.
tomb [W] You can deactivate all swap partitions using the command:
tomb [W]  swapoff -a
tomb [W] But if you want to proceed like this, use the -f (force) flag.
tomb [E] Operation aborted.

Asking a simple question "Deactivate swap? Y/N" instead of aborting is MUCH BETTER

Syntax parser

Man page / help says:

       dig    Generates  a  file that can be used as a tomb and will occupy as
              much space as its desired initial size, the unlocked .tomb  file
              can  then  be  locked  using  a key. It takes a mandatory option
              which is the --size in megabytes (MiB). Tombs are  digged  using
              low-quality random data (/dev/urandom).

but --size doesnt work:

asbesto@rover ~/Desktop % tomb dig --size 1GB
tomb  .  Commanded to dig tomb 1GB
tomb [E] Size argument missing, use --size

asbesto@rover ~/Desktop % tomb --size 1GB dig
tomb [W] There's no such command "1GB".
tomb [E] Please try -h for help

asbesto@rover ~/Desktop % tomb --size=1GB dig
tomb [W] There's no such command "--size=1GB".
tomb [E] Please try -h for help


Tomb name

asbesto@rover ~/Desktop/src/tomb/Tomb-1.4 % tomb -s 1024 dig   
tomb  .  Commanded to dig tomb 
tomb [W] no tomb name specified for creation

Asking something like "Name of tomb?" instead of exit is MUCH BETTER

key path

Tomb said:

tomb  .  your tomb is not yet ready, you need to forge a key and lock it:
tomb  .  tomb forge tombazza.tomb.key
tomb  .  tomb lock tombazza.tomb tombazza.tomb.key


asbesto@rover ~/Desktop/src/tomb/Tomb-1.4
 % tomb forge /media/asbesto/TOSHIBA/tombazza.tomb.key
tomb  .  Commanded to forge key /media/asbesto/TOSHIBA/tombazza.tomb.key with cipher algorithm AES256
tomb  .  this operation takes time, keep using this computer on other tasks,

Key is created but

asbesto@rover ~/Desktop/src/tomb/Tomb-1.4
 % tomb lock tombazza.tomb /media/asbesto/TOSHIBA/tombazza.tomb.key 
tomb  .  Commanded to lock tomb tombazza.tomb
tomb  .  checking if the tomb is empty (we never step on somebody else's bones)
tomb  .  fine, this tomb seems empty.
ls: cannot access ./tombazza.tomb.key: No such file or directory
tomb [E] Aborting operations: error loading key 
asbesto@rover ~/Desktop/src/tomb/Tomb-1.4

tomb doesn't accept path to key! You HAVE to specify -k. THIS IS INSANE


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