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Does dyne:bolic work with VMware v4?

Absolutely!! dyne:bolic has been tested with VMware Workstation v4.0.0 build 4460 and it works without any problems.

How do I go about setting up a virtual machine for dyne:bolic?

Create a new virtual machine by following these steps:

Now edit the virtual machine that you have just created and change the CD-ROM to use the ISO image that you downloaded.

I've started dyne:bolic under VMware but there's garbage on my screen!

You will need to set your VMware Host to use 16-bit colour. [dyne:bolic] will then be able to select the correct graphics driver to be used in the virtual machine environment. Switch your graphical desktop's color depth to 16-bit.

I am booting dyne:bolic from the ISO but cannot nest it. Why?

dyne:bolic is reporting that it cannot find a hard-drive or memory-stick to nest to, right? In all likelihood, you haven't partitioned nor formatted a virtual drive yet. To do this, follow these steps:

DynebolicFaq : dyne:bolic homepage

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