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I'd like to describe some work related to automatic documentation of S4 classes and methods. For information on S4, see http://cm.bell-labs.com/cm/ms/departments/sia/Sbook/

You can see and comment upon the ProposedWork <- click there.

If I understand this wiki system correctly, I can have readers directly annotate my comments on this issue.

http://www.biostat.harvard.edu/~carey includes source for some fairly obsolete but widely used S3 code. I'd like to revise all this using the improved class/method protocols of S4, but with automatically validated documentation resembling javadoc output.

But my sketch of the new approach is on my laptop! :( I'll continue later.

Personal stuff

I am a biostatistician in Boston MA. My e-mail address is stvjc@gauss.med.harvard.edu

Vince Carey


Hi, I'd prefer if you'd not add "unrelated" pages to the MoinMoin wiki, as it is part of the standard distribution. And from what I've seen you plan to add quite some pages, so let's avoid the work in later moving those.

Either mail me at jh@web.de so we can open a general purpose wiki, or let's discuss such a wiki on the MoinMoinMailingLists. -- jh

I have just e-mailed you to discuss this. --vc

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