WinterCamp - March 2009

Goal for the Event

The main goal in our participation in Winter Camp is to network all developers involved in free on-line video streaming technologies based on the new free codec “Ogg/Theora”. is developing the software FreeJ aiming at providing an efficient back-end for mixing of multiple signals (as video, text, images and more) into live or programmed streams on the Internet.

FreeJ is a vision mixer: an instrument for realtime video manipulation used in the fields of dance teather, veejaying, medical visualization and TV. It lets you interact with multiple layers of video, filtered by effect chains and then mixed together. Controllers can be scripted for keyboard, midi and joysticks, to manipulate images, movies, live cameras, particle generators, text scrollers, flash animations and more. All the resulting video mix can be shown on multiple and remote screens, encoded into a movie and streamed live to the internet.

FreeJ can be controlled locally or remotely, also from multiple places at the same time; it can be automated via javascript to be operated via MIDI, Joysticks, wiimotes, mices and keyboards. As a result of our development season, for which the Winter Camp is a crucial meeting point, we aim to provide FreeJ with various language bindings (Python, Ruby, Java and Perl in addition to Javascript which is already present) and integrate it in existing free on-line video portals, in collaboration with the communities, and

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