(check the calendar for day-by-day agenda + info contacts / controlla il calendario per informazioni quotidiane sui progetti e le presentazioni in corso).

events / performances

Blue Stories

live cinema by Roberto Paci Dalo'

giardini pensili

Nishmat Hashmal

Chasidic Sampling Celebration

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Live audio and video performance by Dalo and Jaromil

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Here are listed the events and performances we produce (with specified collaborations), if you're organizing an event feel free to ContactUs and ask for availability, also collaboration proposals are very welcome.

BLUE STORIES is freely related to Derek Jarman and Yves Klein's works and is part of the project Cospirazioni created together with Patrizio Esposito. The screenplay is based on The Book of Desert by Ingeborg Bachmann||

CAMERA OBSCURA - the video by Roberto Paci Dalo' based on the show Metamorfosi - has been invited in the official selection of the 54. Locarno International Film Festival. check:

Next shows include performances in: Montefiore (Rimini), Arles, Athens, Paris, Marseille, Vienna... including a performance in the frame of LE TRIBU' DELL'ARTE (Rome) curated by Achille Bonito Oliva


in collaboration with


live theatre and performance

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Il Cartografo

theatre piece

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Affreschi / due porte per Tebe

theatre piece

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Trance Bakxai

rave & theatre

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Welcome to our laboratory: here you'll find ideas, documentation and links inherent to projects and initiatives. If you want to keep yourself updated about what's new here you can subscribe to our monthly ascii bulletin. Curious to know more about us? you can read DyneProfile and DyneNetwork.

Feel free to ContactUs.

free software

Here you find listed the free sofware projects developed by laboratories.



last stable release

last update


(h)ascii 4 the masses!

0.9 <D> 70k

16 july 2001


Multiple Streaming Engine

0.6.2 <D> 394k

24 august 2001 <N>

Hascii /!\

codec compressed ascii streaming

no stable release

refer to cvs updates


unified framework for realtime video processing

0.2 <D> 160k

8 august 2001

browse the sourcecode on

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