Federico Bonelli aka fredd aka "il cane"

fits into this definition of Hacker: One who enjoys the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming or circumventing limitations. Is a rather generic but a lovely one. For everything else he is lame.

Email: fredd@submultimedia.tv

Federico Bonelli (Rome, 1969) Gets his degree in Philosophy of Science in 1995, with a thesis on deterministic chaos. Therafter he studies History and Philosophy of sciences, until he decides to dedicate himself to more practical philosophy. Since 2001 he has been the coordinator of SUb multimedia re_search lab, where his interests found a form. Since 2002 he lives in Amsterdam.

Main projects he is involved in NOW: Sustainable theater, Akademeia, Protoquadro, Radio Oltranzista, Cinema Solubile.


Skills: multimedia production, direction, lazy project management, real time problem solving, cooking.


Testi irrilevanti, self-production, 1997


Other Skills: Computer: System admin mac osx (for os x users perspective excellent, from unix ones decent), linux (decent workstation basic server). Video Editing (Final Cut Pro etc.), Web design fireworks, dreamweaver, code (DHTML php/mysql/python). Presentation design. Multimedia application analysis, problem solving. Pure-data (basic). Stream A/V advanced. Vee-Jay. Film: Set experience (DV, 35mm), basic camera (DV, super 8, ). Direct Sound. Scriptwriting. Music: amateur bass, gtr., performer,


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