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3,4,5 (venerdi, sabato, domenica) LUGLIO 2009, PALAZZOLO ACREIDE AT THE NEW PROBABLY BORNING "LISBETH SALANDER CENTER" in the rural area of Palazzolo Acreide

The same fantastic & magical Poetry Hacklab meeting, this time will have the lab friends meet together for a 3 days of: (note: this was translated thru Babelfish)


Feel free to join!


For who it wanted to try to sleep… is slept in STRETCHES, for which IT STRETCHES portatevi IT! C' e' only a room with 2 beds, to reserve who of avra' even indeed need or for pisolini afternoon. Perhaps sara' available un' other space in order to sleep, but perhaps also not. The connettivita' us sara' if we only realize a bridge radius, but we do not know like How nice to live! Per info, - Tel. 0931-1-845-849


See ya on 3 Jul 2009 in Palazzolo Acreide, at Poetry Hacklab! To came in the place, call us and we will explain, or use this mappa googla.

It makes the 287 for Palazzolo Acreide, but to approximately 2 km from the income of the country there is a crossroad on the right, for Solarino / Ferla, that it goes taken. It is gone ahead, at last catches up a red cantoniera house, on the right, the narrow lane to ridosso is feed quickly of the red small house, and it is continued towards the warehouse.

To reach Palazzolo Acreide from Catania with BUS:

As in Palazzolo Acreide, call someone.

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