Webcam command line applications

Check also RTSPHolocaust

Configuration script

Dyne works fine with logitech quickcam :

modprobe mod_quickcam.o

ln -sf /dev/v4l/video0 /dev/video

Check TroubleShooting for other webcams


* is a tutorial for using "webcam" , a simple grabber for webcams. * Motion can do everything with a webcam includind pre-treatments of grabbed images. (todo : check the install in dyne...)

Image filtering and analysing the classical image magick (todo : check the install in dyne...)

OCR would do the trick (todo : check the install in dyne...)

Overall glue

A simple perl script in daemon mode would take a screenshot every second , a simple compare image would localize change in the picture and then activate the treatment and the "processing algorithm".

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