Blackbox is a lightweight and fast windowmanager for GNU/Linux, MSWindows, *BSD and many other UNIX flavours. It is highly configurable and easy to use, once you understand how it works, so let's learn how to use it!


First of all check this screenshot:

It's definetly *strange* if you have only used MSWindows or MacOS, so let's check each part: - at the bottom you can see a small bar, it works a bit like the applications bar in MSWindows, but it gives different informations. At the left you can read 'Workspace 1', that label tells you on which workspace you're working (we'll talk about workspaces later); then on the right you can see the clock, i hope that you don't need any informations about it :) Just right click on the toolbar and a small configuration menu will pop up, letting you choose where you want to see the toolbar, if you want it to stay always on top, if you want it to hide when you're not over it with the cursor, and so on.

- there's a rectangle full of labels at the low left side of the screen, the first label is darker and says 'Dynebolic', the other labels have different color and some of them have a rectangle next to them. This is the menu, from where you can start programs, each label contains a small description of the program it loads (for example the first one says 'XTerminal' and it loads XTerm). The dark label at the top is just the title of the menu, you can click and drag the menu from there (a bit like clicking on the titlebar of a window to move it around). The labels with a rectangle are labels that, once you pass over them with the mouse, will pop up a submenu.

To make the menu appear you just have to right click on the desktop (the background, also known as the 'root window')

- On the right top corner there's another rectangle, that's the Slit. It can contain small monitors or programs called Dockapps, you can find many dockapps on the Internet

Blackbox look is controlled by themes, different themes mean different colors for the menu, the toolbar, the slit. be continued..

ToDo: - workspaces! - better menu explanation - how to configure it (.blackboxrc, the menu and so on)

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