Package software for is our deb package repository serving binary builds for both Debian and Ubuntu systems.

It is operated using reprepro and its skeleton configuration is revisioned on git:// (without the actual binary packages)

The dyne-apt repository also includes scripts to create the special dyne.deb installer which facilitates adding the source for users

It currently includes a package repository for Debian and Ubuntu users. For a complete reference see the Debian New Maintainer guide

Build a package

To build packages we use git-buildpackage and in our software repositories are present the branches debian0 and ubuntu0 (or higher numbers...) ready for its use.

You will need to be maintainer or uploader of the package and have your GnuPG keys at hand.

First switch to the debian0 (or ubuntu0) branch:

 git co debian0 

use dch to update the debian/changelog (for example to 1.2):

 dch -v 1.2 

optionally update debian/control with new dependencies, then check debian/gbp.conf where the build-area is configured and copy there the source .tar.gz (produced by make distcheck) renamed using debian directives (downcase, version separated by underscore, .orig. before .tar.gz)

 cp Tomb-1.2.tar.gz ~/devel/build-area/tomb_1.2.orig.tar.gz 

then finally run git-buildpackage to produce binary and source packages

to build for a different target (for instance for i386 on an amd64 machine) use a pre-created with cowbuilder --build tomb_1.2-2.dsc

Add to

To add a package the software key is needed, current maintainer is Jaromil

Add to Debian-dyne

Our repository collects debian packages under the distribution name 'dyne':

Codename: dyne
Components: main
Architectures: source i386 amd64

the command to add it to reprepro is

 reprepro includedsc tomb_1.2-2.dsc 

 reprepro includedeb tomb_1.2-1_amd64.deb 

Add to Ubuntu-dyne

Codename: dyne
AlsoAcceptFor: lucid karmic natty oeniric
Components: main
Architectures: source i386 amd64

The Ubuntu repository is fed by PPA which are updated as feeds into our repo, meaning that to build Ubuntu packages you don't need to setup a pbuilder environment, rather than just prepare the package and push it to your PPA to be built, making sure your PPA is added to our dyne-apt.

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