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Welcome to the developers wiki lounge

Software for the freedom of speech and creation, audio/video streaming architectures by the hackers.

In these pages you'll find technical documentation on software and code components used in them.

All code is licensed under the GNU GPL License.

Code is managed using git, our collective repositories are on

If you don't know git yet have a look at everyday git, the git documentation and this tutorial here is also good.

How to use our GIT setup

You need to read these instructions only if you have a development account, anonymous read-only access is granted at the url git://

In case you have a developer account then you already exchanged your ssh public key

Next step is to check out the code over a secure connection, which in our case listens on port 2222, therefore add this entry into your .ssh/config (create the file if needed)

        Compression yes
        Port    2222
        User    git

Then proceed cloning the repository

git clone

note that the above git url differs in syntax from the anonymous url, especially with the use of colon before projectname.git

Remember that all your commits will be publicly exposed online, forever archived and associated with the username you are using, therefore think twice and check your .gitconfig file:

        name = Public name or nick
        email =

Where you can setup whatever name you want, we have no particular requirements, just make sure it is actually appearing what you want to appear.

Official codebase lives at so when you pull you have to use git pull --rebase. To simplify this task we strongly suggest you to define the following alias:

$ git config --global alias.up "pull --rebase"

and then use git up instead.

You might also want to experience some special effects, then let us suggest these entries in .gitconfig

        branch = auto
        diff = auto
        interactive = auto
        status = auto

If you are adding a new repository on our server then go inside your local git repo and do

git remote add origin

git push origin master:refs/heads/master

Happy hacking!

Developers lounge

This is a portal to various source code repositories, it gathers links and documentation about code components that are of no interest for the end user, only for the hacker.

This portal will not host the ultimate documentation of code components: it is a place for coders to exchange knowledge and experience about various reusable parts of their code.

If you are a coder and have something to document here, you are welcome to contact us

As an overview, these are other code repositories linked by this portal:

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