S-Lang widgets

This library aims to provide an object oriented framework of text-console widgets that are visualized using the S-Lang terminal library.

S-Lang is a powerful library offering two main functionalities: terminal text handling and scripting. This widget sets makes a limited use of the first functionality and implements a set of objects that can be placed at coordinates on the terminal screen.

This code is still in the middle of development and is still missing widgets like menu, scrollbars and buttons, but it has implemented a fully interactive text console with scrolling that can show and edit text.

SLW is employed in the http://tbt.dyne.org TBT project and it will eventually be employed in http://freej.dyne.org FreeJ

You can browse the source on git.dyne.org into the TBT repository

Abstract text console

The SLW library contains a notable implementation of text console functionalities from scratch: source:slw/abs_text_console.h whose approach is to store every single line of text into a linklist, letting you manipulate it in realtime insuring thread-safety. Most common editing functionality is implemented to interact with this abstract widget, so you can delete, insert and paste lines following a common text editor behaviour.

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