Dyne:II is a Dyne to produce Dyne

See it like a Nomad Distribution attached to no hardware. You carry your live cd/dvd/usb key loaded. you boot on it on any machine, you do your stuff (from a user AND/OR developer point of view), you create a new live cd, you remove all your traces and you leave the camp...

Dyne:II tries to achieve what a real live linux distribution should be: so far live meant demo, now live really means live.

Even when developing on it, you still don't need to repartition the harddisk to create an SDK environment: snap dyne in and do your hacks, burn back and go. just walk around the world with your rewritable CD or usb-stick and that's it!

There are also going to be additional modules that you just drop into a directory before booting, with collections of more software not included in the core.

From now on there can be more than one dyne, welcome to the jungle :)

== The main new features in dyne:II ===

The way it has been developed

The making of this new core follows a much more defined development flow than the previous version, all the tools and stages employed are published on SourcePackages, the binary build process is documented in the Linux From Scratch and Beyond Linux From Scratch books.

The dyne:II core has been compiled from scratch by Jaromil and Smilzo in 2005. During 2006 Jaromil completed a full rewrite of startup, nesting, docking, configuration and sdk scripts, aided by the testing of Aymeric Antonios and Chun of Goto10.

The new foundation of the dyne:II core opens up the development to more people, providing a modular packaging system for software collections and the possibility to customize the liveCD with your favourite applications. So it is born pure:dyne, as the first dyne:II customization focusing on real time audio/video processing with pure data.

Software Development Kit

Since version 2 it's easy to customize dyne:bolic and re-master your modifications into a new liveCD, you can also create .dyne modules with additional software that people can easily install.

Get started by creating an SDK in for your running system, follow the instructions in the user's manual http://dynebolic.org/manual regarding development of customized liveCDs and modules.

Here are documented in detail the components forming the dyne:II CORE system, mantained by Jaromil documentation short description

Here is a reference list of all SourcePackages included in the core, complete with their version.

download the CD ISO ftp://ftp.dyne.org/dynebolic/latest/ (approx. 650MB)

check file integrity with .md5 and .asc signed by http://rastasoft.org/jaromil.pub

Extra modules are provided for separate download from ftp://ftp.dyne.org/dynebolic/modules Package system

Additional software modules can be added into the dock or your nest in order to extend dyne:II with software collections packaged by third parties.

The DyneSdk script already provides developers with a easy tool to package DyneModules.

Anyway dyne:II also supports automatic installation of software packaged in various formats, to make users able to download and install the software they like directly from programmer's homepages. Supported binary packages are:

alltough the best way is always to compile software from source, your karma will benefit ;) and it's easily done using Make, Autoconf and/or Scons, all included as well.


Relying on the hardware recognition and capabilities of dyne:II people can start building they'r own nomadic paths thru the possibilities offered by combining the thousands of applications running on GNU/Linux systems. These efforts are independent from the core development of dyne:bolic but they share its development framework and, so far, the spirit and community.

dyne:II will keep on being free as of the GNU GPL license and any modification based on it has to be free under the same license. Please note that the docking and nesting functionalities are GNU GPL licensed as well.

Take care! all your modifications must fall under this same license and must acknowledge all previous authors meaning that you shouldn't remove any copyright notice from anything you modify, but eventually add yours if you modify something.

Happy Hacking! And please share your projects and let the community know what you are doing with dyne:II :)

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