When you become part of netsukuku, you are immediately enabled to offer to your neighbors the same connectivity that you've got. And they would be enabled too, and so on, at will.

This is not what you are used to get when you sign a contract with an ISP, is it?

Today you are connected to the Internet through the service of an ISP. If you try and share this connection with your neighbor (even though you're not entitled to do so), then she will not be able to share it again with her neighbors. It is not just a problem with the capacity of your link (MB/s) that would be divided. There are also technical issues (even more problematic) with the addresses you get from your ISP.

To be understood even by the less tech-savvy people, let's say that a sort of conflict arises with the addresses that are assigned to you by the ISP.

On a netsukuku network this problem is fixed. So, when you connect yourself you also become a precious resource for your neighborhood. You don't need to be a network expert for it, just turn your device on and you're helping others.

You should not be afraid that your link capacity is shared for two good reasons. First, you probably will be connected to a netsukuku network with a link that has a very high capacity and you will never exploit it all. Second, more important, is that while you are a resource for your neighbors they are at the same time a resource for you. More on this here.

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