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What is "rsync"?

Rsync is an "open source utility that provides fast incremental file transfer", and helps you download or update a file through command line. Full instructions for installing and using rsync can be found here in rsync's homepage.

How do I download dynebolic with rsync?

First of all, choose the version of dyne:bolic you wish to download (in this case, there should be no choice but the latest version)

rsync -P quico.dyne.org::dynebolic/latest/

Then choose the directory where you want to save the iso file to download, making sure you have got enough space in it. Then issue the following command from command line including the last dot:

rsync quico.dyne.org::dynebolic/latest/dyne-X.Y.Z.iso .

...where X.Y.Z is the version number you want to download.

Wait long enough to download the file you requested (almost 50 minutes with a 2Mbit dsl), then proceed to BurningAndBooting.

I have a dynebolic CD, but i have no ISO file, what should i do? (dyne:bolic 1.x)

You can use the spawn utility inside dynebolic to generate an ISO from the running CD: just type spawn inside a terminal, or select the button have more! from the splash starting dialog. The spawn will assist you in generating the ISO and updating it from the latest available online version.

Technically speaking, to generate an ISO from the running CD is achieved by running a simple unix command:

dd if=/dev/hdd of=dynebolic-1.1.1.iso

where /dev/hdd is the cdrom device where dynebolic is running

How do I update my existing dynebolic iso file with rsync?

First change directory to where you saved the previous iso file. Let's suppose your iso file is located in /home/karlmarx/downloads:

cd /home/karlmarx/downloads/

Find out the name of the iso file you need to update to, by issuing:

rsync -P quico.dyne.org::dynebolic/latest/

Then rename the old iso file to the name of the latest dyne:bolic iso file that rsync returned, for example:

mv dyne-2.5.1.iso dyne-2.5.2.iso

if you're planning to update your 2.5.1 to 2.5.2 iso file.

Lastly, update your iso file through rsync:

rsync quico.dyne.org::dynebolic/latest/dynebolic-2.5.2.iso .

Don't forget to include the last dot! Wait for the update to finish (takes from about 5 to 15 minutes, depending on your connection).

Now, you're ready to start BurningAndBooting!

DynebolicFaq : dyne:bolic homepage

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