What is Netsukuku

Netsukuku is a scalable, fully-routable mesh network that automatically forms and sustains itself.

Netsukuku allows for a set of devices to form a connected network without the intervention of any central entity. Further, it enables a network to grow indefinitely, or two networks to form independently and then join together. Even bigger and wider than the Internet.

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There is now a subreddit for netsukuku here : http://www.reddit.com/r/netsukuku

What can we do with Netsukuku

We live in a connected world. The popularity of the Internet has roots in the many benefits that we now enjoy today. It gives us new methods for communicating, spreading and finding information, exchanging services and goods.

However, we need to improve many aspects of this global connectivity. Twenty years since the Internet's boom, the potential connectivity is still out of reach for many, due to cost, efficiency, and ease of use issues.

Enter Netsukuku.

What are the benefits that we get from it that we don't have in the Internet as we know it today?

Who can be part of Netsukuku

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How to install netsukuku

install the vala port

install the python port

install the c port deprecated

How can I find a peer to connect with?

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What about the Internet when I am in Netsukuku?

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dev page


docs page


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